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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 13:54:10 +1000 (EST) From: mickmack999 Subject: The Reluctant Slave - Part 4 & Part 4.1(m/m, m/t, forced, slavery, nc, oral, anal) This story is (c) Copyright 2007, by MickMack. All World Wide Rights Reserved.The story below is the epic tale of a totally fictional event. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. It is gay erotica and is intended to be read by persons who are 18 years of age or older, and by persons that enjoy gay erotica.The material covered in this story and all other accompanying parts of this story are fictional. Any similarities to persons living or dead are pure coincidence.Please Note: To those who like reading my material, I apologise for taking so much time in getting this story young little underage written and posted. It is a bit off the usual subject matter I play around with, but hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.Please send your comments to: Reluctant SlaveThe Life and Times of Brad Cahill - Pleasure Slave*****************************************************************4. Evan Morgan - A Disgraceful Performance(From the Private Diary of Evan Morgan)*****************************************************************I was frantic, nearly hysterical.With Monet's help, I'd underaged pussy put Swallow, I mean Sean, into my bed as soon as I got him home. We'd determined he was okay physically, and he would heal in time, but I could see he was still in deep shock and I didn't want to leave him by himself."I'm so sorry Sean! I didn't know! I really didn't know!" I kept babbling on, weeping as I used a cold damp compress to gently cool the bruises swelling up all over his face. He was looking up at me in a sad helpless way, and I could see he was remembering over and over again how Trevor and Steve had raped him and then how his brother had underage home galleries come to the rescue, reassuring him and trying to protect him.It made no sense. How had I ended up owning Brad Cahill's brother? I needed to see Noel straight away, but I knew he wouldn't be home until after football training in another 3 hours. I had to find out what was happening and then decide what to do.But as I gently questioned Sean, as he told me of what had happened to his family, how he and his family including Brad had been enslaved four weeks previously due to his father being charged and sentenced for tax evasion, a nagging feeling deep inside me began to grow.Then when he told me what had happened since, of the horrors he and his brothers had been through and how Noel had suddenly turned up to immediately set Brad free but keeping Justin and himself, it was as if a bomb had exploded in my mind.Suddenly everything fell into place.This was it! Noel's ultimate revenge against Brad Cahill!I felt as if an icy blade had entered my lungs as I thought of the magnitude of what Noel had done, and how he'd played me as well by giving Sean to me as a gift to be my very own personal pleasure slave.The irony wasn't lost on me as I imagined how my brother must have laughed as he thought of how I'd use Sean to satisfy my own sexual needs.But this was Brad's brother, Sean Cahill!And then there was Brad, the one person at high school who'd stood up for me and who I considered my all-time teenage role-model and football hero. A young teenage hunk who I adored from afar, who I had a secret crush on and who'd taken the time to underage sex images stop by, see how I was and had been so kind to me.No wonder he hated me! And I knew he hated me!I'd seen it in his blue eyes early that afternoon. And how could he not hate me? Not after everything I'd done to his brother today.Again my heart jumped a few beats as I thought of how insensitive I'd been to Sean and how I'd betrayed him by giving him to all those guys at school so he could give them blow jobs.It was three hours later I finally got to confront Noel. He'd come in the back door, dragging young Justin Cahill behind him, trying to avoid the other slaves as well as my parents as he made his way up to his bedroom.And I could see why. Justin was bleeding from every orifice and was black and blue all over. He looked like he'd underage home naked been severely beaten repeatedly and he was having trouble standing on his own two feet.I followed as Noel literally dragged the poor young abused teenager up to his bedroom, and then watched as my brother dumped him on the floor next to his large king-sized bed. Then ushering me out of his way, he slammed his door closed and locked it behind us."What have you done, Noel?" I said to him immediately, shaking my head in utter dismay and horror."Oh don't look so sanctimonious, Evan. After football practice all the guys just wanted to have some fun. Turns out the kid here is a real squealer, so he needed to be silenced a few times before he got into the swing of things." Noel said, oblivious to the pain the young boy must have been feeling."Now, about this afternoon, well, don't worry about it. Yes, these used to underagewhores be Brad Cahill's brothers, but they're only slaves now, our slaves, so you'd better remember that." Noel continued."Anyway, how's your slave doing? Not too damaged I hope?" he added, looking at me as I stared back at him in disbelief."You did this to him, to Brad! This is your way of getting bbs romple underage back at him for punching you all those weeks ago! How could you? I never dreamed you could be this vindictive!" I stuttered, looking down at Brad's youngest brother laying there battered and bruised on the floor."Oh spare me the pity-pot for fucks sake! Yes, I got back at him, fucked that faggot-girl over real good, and I can promise you he'll never recover from this anytime in the near future. Let that be a lesson to any low-life who might think about taking me on!" he said hurriedly, as he leaned down, picked Justin up and threw him on his back onto his bed."Anyhow, forget about that cunt! Listen up, Evan! I got some friends coming over Friday afternoon to stay the weekend and we're preparing a special present to give to you. Make up for the terrible things that happened at school today. So be here Sunday evening around 11:30pm. Now get the fuck out of my room! I'm still horny and I intend to have some fun with my little slave whore here before I crash out." He said, dismissing me as he turned his full lustful attentions towards Justin.I didn't go to school for the rest of the week. I stayed in my room and tendered to Sean. He was slowly opening up to me more, telling me of how his life used to be before his enslavement and what he and his family used to do for fun.He loved incest story underage his oldest brother with a passion, a mix of unconditional adulation and brotherly love that made me feel really envious. I didn't have the same relationship with my brother, and it was doubtful that we ever could.I stayed away from my brother, avoiding him as much as I could, but by Friday evening, I could hear loud muffled noises coming from Noel's bedroom just up the hallway from my room. underage japanese boys I figured his friends had turned up and Noel was probably partying on with them. My heart went out to young Justin, underage lollipop pics as I knew he would have to suffer their combined cruel lusts and do whatever they wanted.At 11pm on Sunday, August finally came to my bedroom with a message from Noel, asking me to come to his room straight away.At first I didn't want to go, but I knew if I didn't send August back immediately telling my brother I'd be there, Noel and his friends would probably come barging into my room, or he would definitely take out his anger at me on Justin, as well as August.How can I express the shock I felt as I entered Noel's bedroom and saw what was happening in there. Maybe I should have expected it, knowing Noel loved to do anything that would humiliate and degrade me, while grossing me out at the same time.Still, I was stunned into shocked silence as I walked into Noel's room to find my brother sitting comfortably on the upskirt underage 12y edge of his young underage tits bed, naked from the waist down with his legs spread wide apart.Between Noel's legs knelt Brad, my role-model, my football hero, with his hands clasped tightly behind his back. Completely naked, boundage underage Brad quickly sucked up and down the full length of my brother's large erect cock, taking the raging throbbing shaft all the way into his mouth each time while making loud obscene slurping noises.Sitting in a sofa chair on the other side of the room, smiling contemptuously as he watched Brad blowing my brother sat Trevor Newby. Also naked, his large solid hairy body slumped back, his thick hairy legs spread wide apart, Trevor was thoroughly enjoying the loud sucking sensations Justin's mouth and throat were giving his underaged lesbian porn long erect cock.And sitting back comfortably in Noel's computer chair, with his legs spread wide apart, sat Steve Newby. Like Trevor, he too was naked and watching Brad sucking up and down Noel's throbbing cock, while at the same time, he too enjoyed the expert blow job August was giving him.Suddenly the memories of when Brad had stood tall and proud and then punched Noel in the face and knocked him out flashed through my mind as I tried vainly to reconcile the vision of my high school way underage girls football hero now on trembling knees between my brother's legs, sucking Noel's large cock into his mouth.Also, the image of Brad picking up Steve bodily over his head and throwing him across the room flashed through my mind, while the memory of how he'd beaten Trevor into unconsciousness reminded me that Brad could definitely look after himself.I knew instantly that in some way Brad was being coerced into doing this against his will and it didn't take a brain surgeon to work out that Noel must be using Brad's two brothers against him to make him do what he wanted.Maybe it shouldn't have upset me really. I now knew Noel would do anything to take out his revenge on Brad, and it looked like his vengeance included reducing Brad into nothing more than a cock-sucking, arse-fucked pleasure slave to sate Noel's perverted lusts in front of his friends.But it did upset me, and I was starting to feel nauseous when Noel started to roughly face-fuck Brad's slobbering sucking mouth in a cruel violent manner in front of me.I didn't want to see this side of Noel, of how cruel and vicious my brother could be to any helpless person or slave who had no way to fight back or resist.Also, I really didn't want to see Brad being completely degraded and humiliated in this way."Like I've always told you, bro, he's nothing but a fucking faggot-girl! A fucking cock sucking queer-girl who's finally accepting his place in life! And to think this cunt had the gall to think he was better than me!" Noel grunted maliciously as he thrust his groin savagely upwards, ramming his hard cock all the way to the back of Brad's mouth, bruising the entire lining of his throat as Noel made Brad gag uncontrollably with each brutal thrust."This is what happens to faggot scum who decide to lay a hand on me and my friends and think they can get away with it, hey bro!" Noel grunted out even louder as he grasped both of Brad's ears in a painful pincer grip and began pounding away, setting up a vicious fuck pace that made Brad's head whiplash back and forth in rhythm to my brother's large cock slamming in and out of his mouth.Suddenly I wanted to get away. There was no need for me to be here as Noel continued to humiliate and torment Brad, so turning to leave, I quickly opened the door."If you walk out of my room now, bro, I'll have both Trevor and Steve castrate the cunt and his little brother right here and now, and then tomorrow morning I'll sell both their sorry boy-pussies to the Ukraine Sulfur mines. As you know, neither will last a week in those mines without any balls. Now get your ass back in here, close and lock the door, and sit yourself down over in the corner of the room. I've still got to show you teenboys underage naked how well faggot-girl here is coming along!" Noel said in a quiet ominous voice, as he suddenly pushed Brad's loudly gagging mouth away from his large leaking, throbbing dick, and gave Brad a ferocious backhand across his humiliated badly beaten face.At first I stood there deciding if I would call Noel's bluff or not, but I knew by the tone of my brother's voice he was deadly serious this time. Just the sight of Brad's bowed submissive head, how he'd been bashed and beaten around his face, how his naked muscled lean body appeared to be covered in black and blue contusions and a illegal underage picture thick layer of perspiration, and trembling uncontrollably in fear as he knelt naked before Noel's parted legs, sent a wave of sympathy through me.As I did what Noel demanded of me and then sat down, I beautiful model underage suddenly realised I was now seriously concerned for Brad's, Sean's and Justin's safety. Maybe if I spoke to father about it later? For the moment though, all I could do was watch and listen as Noel stood up while slowly stroking his still fully erect penis, and gestured for Brad to move his ass and get on the bed on his back."The first thing you got to learn, bro, is don't take any shit from any faggot-girl. Always remember, they're just low-life cunts to be fucked whenever you want to, and when you tell them to do something, they better do it straight away. Now assume the position and start begging me to fuck you bitch, and make it sound really good. I want my little bro here to see imgboard underage just how much of a queer ass faggot-girl you really are!" Noel snarled at Brad.As Trevor and Steve laughed and applauded, urging Noel on, again my heart skipped a beat and went out to Brad as he immediately arranged himself on top of Noel's bed. On his back, Brad grabbed both his ankles, pulled them up towards his head and spread his legs outwards as far apart as he could.For the first time I found myself staring at Brad's enormous erect penis and large dangling hairless balls. It was something I could only dream about in my fantasies. There he was on his back, holding his models underage legal legs wide apart and my eyes were glued to his rock-hard cock, which must have underage little nudes been 8 or nine inches long and so very thick. I couldn't believe it. I'd never seen anything that big in my life, and found myself blushing in embarrassment, hoping Noel and his friends hadn't seen me ogling Brad's genitals in such a lustful way.And as Brad forced his legs even further apart, with his finely chiseled body doubled up at the waist and his firm buttocks raised high off the bed, his butt cheeks immediately spread wide apart to reveal his already stretched, red raw arsehole to Noel's, Trevor's and Steve's leering gaze. Then lifting his head and looking up at Noel and smiling in a sexy feminine submissive way, Brad began begging my brother to please fuck him."Daddy, please fuck my worthless little girl's vagina, please Daddy! Daddy, please fuck my useless sloppy cunt with your huge manly fuck-pole, please Daddy!" Brad cooed and pleaded loudly in a high pitched, girlish voice that made me cringe inwardly."Now that's not good enough girl! In fact, it was fucking hopeless! You just aren't begging hard enough! Now start again, and make me believe you really want me to fuck you! And you'd better put your whole heart and soul secret underage into it this time! Beg me like the true faggot-girl that you really are!" Noel grated furiously.I could see that Brad, under the fašade of the sensually smiling and enthusiastic face he wore to please my brother, was absolutely humiliated and very frightened. But gripping his ankles tighter, Brad forced his smooth hairless muscular spread legs further apart, which lifted his buttock up even higher into the air, opening the lips of his used and puffed up anus wider. Immediately Brad bestiality underage boys again commenced begging Noel to fuck him in a louder shrill little girl's voice."Daddy, please fuck my faggot-girl's sloppy vagina, please Daddy! Daddy, please make me squeal like a happy queer cunt by fucking me really hard, please Daddy!" Brad continued begging as Noel stared down at him in triumph.I couldn't tear my eyes away. There was Brad, my muscle-bound idol, our ex-high school football team captain, the most masculine teenage guy I knew begging to be fucked in a make-believe girl's voice that send shivers of shame through me, while utterly degrading himself in the most perverse way possible in front of my brother Noel, his friends, and me."Okay, slut! You've talked me into it! You're even looking like a proper faggot-girl, so I'll give you a treat and fuck you dry!" Noel relented with a snarl, as he quickly crawled on top of Brad's outspread legs, and pushed his large leaking erection all the way up Brad's anus.As Noel sank his thick cock-shaft all the way up to his balls, and then pumped his cock in and out of Brad's completely stretched arsehole a few times, Noel suddenly stopped and looked at me."You know bro? There's nothing finer than fucking the slack pussy-hole of our ex-high school's top sports jock, turning him into your own personal queer bitch girl. And you want to know something, Evan? His loving this so much his leaking all over his own stomach already! Anyway, you should try it some time!" Noel exclaimed in ecstasy as underage virgans he immediately slammed his hips down and began fucking Brad as hard as he could.Again I cringed in embarrassment for Brad as I heard a single sob and groan of pure shame escape his mouth before he underage dwi immediately began thanking my brother for fucking his arsehole."Pleasure level 6, proceed!" Noel suddenly grunted in a firm gasping voice. Instantly I heard the air escaping underage illegal porngallery Brad's lungs as he gasped and started to hump his violated spread buttocks as hard as he could upward to meet my brother's pounding downward thrusts."Oh thank you Daddy for fucking my sloppy pussy so hard, like only a real big dicked man can, Daddy! Daddy, oh it feels so good, thank you Daddy! Daddy, it makes my queer-girl's vagina twitch and quiver, thank you Daddy! Daddy, please stretch my faggot-girl's sloppy cunt even wider with your massive manly cock, please Daddy!" Brad repeated over and over again as Noel fucked him as if Brad were a real slave girl."Yeah, that's it faggot-girl! Keep begging me! Yeah, underage nude cunt take my big cock like the girly fag you really are! Oh yeah, that's it! Tighter cunt! Make your sloppy vagina squeeze my dick as hard as you can! Yeah, that's it!" Noel spat into Brad's smiling yet frightened bright red bruised and battered face amsterdam underage porno as my brother ferociously and savagely fucked Brad's arsehole, lost in an exquisite blissful haze of the fuck lust he was floating in.It was a strange scene to watch unfold before me. Again, here was my cherished football hero and long time role-model, acting the part of a sluttish whore girl, pretending to be a pretty little girl for Noel's amusement, obediently, enthusiastically and eagerly begging my brother to dominate and fuck him in the most humiliating position possible.But even stranger was how my own dick betrayed me as I watched the savage rutting on top Noel's bed, how my dick stiffened rock-hard, throbbing and pulsing in my bulging tented pants as I watched my brother continue to take his time as he brutally fucked Brad as hard as he could.Suddenly Noel slowed down, and lifting his chest up a fraction off Brad's vulnerable sweat-covered body, he raised his right hand, and smashed his fist into Brad's now terrified smiling face."That's for all the times you laid a underage world fist on me and my friends at school, you pathetic cunt! Now what do you say, underage sample video queer-girl?" Noel roared as he resumed fucking Brad again."Daddy, thank you for fucking and disciplining me like the stupid faggot-girl I am, Daddy! Daddy, thank you for teaching me the errors of my queer ways, thank you Daddy!"This was way too much for me. I couldn't stay silent anymore."Why are you doing this to him? Why are you tormenting him underage sex model and making him talk in that horrible ridiculous way? And why the fuck am I here?" my voice rising with disgust, as I watched Noel fucking Brad as hard as he could.But it was Steve who answered me, and as he pushed August's head hard down on his cock all the way, forcing Noel's pleasure slave to suddenly gag violently. Turning to me with a strange condescending look on his face, he shook his head as if I were an imbecile."What you going on about? The cunt's a faggot, a queer! Came here Friday afternoon while we were hanging out having some fun with Noel's new slave, and the fucker opened up and confessed he was a homo. Just like that! And then before we know what to do, he's on his knees, jerking off and begging to suck on Noel's knob. Wanted your brother to fuck him as well, for Christ sake! Started calling Noel his big `Daddy'! Couldn't believe what we were hearing!" Steve said in a drawl as he looked at me."But because he'd got honest with us, and then begged both me and Trevor to do him as well, while also begging us to beat him up as we were fucking him, well, we kind of took pity on him and did what he wanted.""Anyway, underagetgp pics would've taken him to the cops straight afterwards if he didn't sign the slavery papers your brother had stashed up here. Looks like you got yourselves a new pleasure slave that loves to get fucked and beaten up as well, lucky bastards!" he ended, turning his attention back to the action on the bed."But that's not right! You know him! You know he's straight! How can you...?" I started but Trevor cut me off."What the fuck are you bitching about, kid? I mean, I'm surprised we didn't pick it up earlier either, especially when he was showering with us after football practice. If we'd known then, he'd probably be dead. But just take one look at his face, what his saying, and what his doing now and you can tell his a fucking faggot! Who would have thought this punk was nothing but a filthy masochistic queer who likes to be dominated!" laughed Trevor, clearly irritated I was making underaged teen tgp such a commotion about something so trivial.And I did gasp in shock when I turned my attention back to Noel fucking my hero, watching in amazement underaged sexy models as Brad suddenly lifted his head up off the mattress and begin licking and planting passionate kisses 15yo underage porn all over Noel's hairy upper chest, long thick neck, and bulging shoulders, before gently sucking softly under my brother's chin, as he continued thanking my brother for fucking and beating him.For over twenty long minutes, Noel kept fucking, stopping at intervals to raise his fist and viciously smash it into Brad's face. For over twenty long minutes, Noel roared into Brad's badly beaten smiling face that he was nothing but a queer faggot-girl.And as Noel pounded his cock into Brad as if he were fucking a real woman, while continuing to viciously punch Brad's face, Brad frantically humped his firm muscular buttocks up and down in rhythm to Noel's fuck pace, and continued to somehow smile and thank my brother for using him like a ***** forbidden underage galleries faggot whore girl."Daddy, thank you for stretching my little cunt real wide, thank you Daddy! Daddy, please fuck my vagina even harder, please Daddy! Daddy, I really love your big manly penis sliding in and out of my loose sloppy pussy, thank you Daddy!" Brad cooed softly as he passionately kissed and licked Noel's upper chest and throat.Suddenly Noel gasped out loud, utterly turned on and basking in Brad's passionate adulation, and as he too moaned and groaned, and I watched the way his naked hairy body stiffened and twitched, I knew for a fact my brother was about to orgasm.And when he finally did shoot his pent-up juices deep up inside Brad's tortured bowels, Noel suddenly collapsed on top of him, laying there for a long while before he stirred, pulled his wilting uncut thick cock out of Brad's arsehole and rolled off him to lay motionless beside Brad's trembling abused body.Without being told, Brad hurried to get up off his back and quickly kneeling between Noel's parted legs, and with his hands behind his back, he lowered his head to gently take my brother's still semi-hard spent organ all the way to the back of his mouth. And after sucking and licking it clean, paying special attention to lick any leftover slime trapped inside my brother's foreskin, Brad then moved his quivering mouth further down to carefully suck and lick on Noel's large low hanging hairy balls.As I looked on, I could see the toll Noels' fists had taken on Brad's face. All in all, Noel must have landed about twenty solid knuckle-jarring punches as he'd been fucking Brad's arse.Again, another wave of underage photos nude sympathy for Brad overwhelmed me as I stared sadly at his once beautiful blue eyes, which were now nearly swollen shut. Brad's perfectly pert and cute button top nose was now a bloodied nearly flattened mess, and his once sensually thick gorgeous lips were now puffed up, split and bleeding.I knew he must be suffering intense pain as he underaged girls gallory rubbed and caressed his damaged lips and nose against my brother's big fat hairy ball sac before gently sucking one of Noel's testicles into his mouth. And as he suckled on iligal underage my brother's balls, Brad continued to somehow maintain a semblance of a happy contented smile on his battered face, while moaning and cooing loudly as if what he was doing was the most pleasurable thing he'd ever done in his life."Well, bro! I got to admit that was the best fuck I'd had in a long time! And as you can see, faggot-girl's dick is still rock-hard and leaking. Bet you didn't know he came twice as I was fucking him, so I reckon his coming along nicely. Always thanks me when I let him pleasure me, and never complains when I beat the shit out of him." Noel said breathlessly as Brad swirled one of his large hairy testicles gently around in his slurping mouth."And don't worry about the injuries to his face. They won't scar or mark his queer looks, and he'll heal in no time. If not, we can get some micro-surgery done on him anytime. Of course, he'll be seeing a lot more of mine and my friends' fists later on, because we haven't finished punishing this cunt for his past indiscretions towards us. Anyway, by the time we're finished with him, I'm sure you won't have any problems at all when I eventually hand him over to you." Noel said contentedly, all his previous rage and fury completely gone.Regardless of the fact I was feeling traumatised and sickened by what was happening to Brad, Noel's last comment definitely did grab my attention.Was Noel really going to give Brad to me? Was it true Brad was now our pleasure slave? And why would Noel give Brad to me in any case?"But we haven't finished yet, have we girl? Now it's Trevor and Steve's go. You know what to do!" Noel said as he got up off the bed and motioned to Trevor to have a go if he wanted to.Trevor immediately looked at me and then back at Brad."Okay queer! Why don't you put your gym clothes back on again? Let Noel's little brother see just how much of a faggot you really are. You can do what you did earlier when you first came in, admitting to us all you were a fucking homo!" Trevor said, smiling evilly as he threw Brad his gym shorts, t-shirt and jock-strap."You see Evan, the truths in his actions and what he says. So watch up and forbidden underage clips see for yourself, because no-one made him come here and do this. And when he's finished, then I'll show you what a real man does with a piece of shit like this!" Trevor said as he turned back around and we watched Brad quickly get up off his back and pick up his high school underage hotie gym clothes.Within seconds Brad had slipped his jock strap and tight little gym shorts back up his legs and over his hips, and donned his t-shirt. To underage teen galery me he still looked awesome, even though his face was badly bruised and battered.He was still a living walking wet dream, and his high school gym shorts clung to his firm hips in a way that not only outlined his firm muscled buttock and thighs, but truly emphasised his huge erect cock and walnut-sized balls.But then Brad reached down and pulled the hem at the bottom of the left leg of his gym shorts up, releasing with difficulty his nude underage boys large erect penis and balls for all to see. There he stood at attention with his muscled arms hanging at his sides, and his firm thick legs together and his huge penis fully erect jutting out from the leg opening of his gym shorts, with his balls swinging low."Okay, do it, homo! Show Evan what you did when you got here!" Trevor sneered.And then to my astonishment, Brad began doing really fast jumping jacks as he looked at Trevor in a shy timid way. As he quickly jumped and landed in a position that spread his legs wide apart, he clapped male underage strippers his hands above his head. And then underage little boys just as quickly Brad would jump up again and land on his feet with his legs together and his arms at his sides.It was all too bizarre, and all I could do was watch as he continued doing very fast jumping jacks, his cock and balls bouncing up and down to the speed of him jumping and landing. And even though it was perversely outrageous, I still found it to be the most sex underaged pictures provocative and sensual thing I'd ever seen in my life."Daddy, please let me suck your big cock, please Daddy! Daddy, please fuck my sloppy vagina real hard, please Daddy!" Brad began intoning over and over again in a voice which imitated that of a little girl as he jumped up and down."See what I mean, Evan! That's the same guy who came here and admitted he was a fairy to us!" Trevor said as he licked his lips in lust, stepped forward, and backhanded Brad across his battered face."Now get on your back like before, queer, and I'll fuck you just the way you like it!" Trevor said snidely, watching as Brad instantly dropped down onto the floor on his back, lifted his knees up to his chest, and reaching around pulled the fabric of his gym shorts that covered his buttocks taut. Clearly seen by all, where the seam running down the back of Brad's gym shorts was stitched was a large hole which had been ripped into them so underage underwear gallery as to give direct access from the outside to Brad's anus.The rest of how Trevor humiliated and beat up Brad as he fucked him began to numb my mind. I watched as Trevor knelt at the base of Brad's buttock, lifted my hero's legs over his shoulders and then lay down heavily on top of Brad. And when in position, Brad obediently reached round and guided Trevor's leaking erection into the hole ripped into the back of his gym shorts and pushed his anus up onto Trevor's quivering eager cock.And like Noel before him, Trevor began smashing his fists into Brad's face as he fucked him brutally.Of course, once he'd finished and Brad had dutifully licked and sucked his semi-rigid penis clean, Steve stepped forward, ordered Brad to immediately strip and forced Brad onto his knees where he demanded a blow job. At the same time Steve instructed Brad to jerk himself off, but not to come.Steve's thick penis and length made Brad gag repeatedly as he tried to take it all the way down his throat. Again my heart went out to him as I watched him being abused by Steve, and I wondered how Noel's two friends could really believe Brad was doing this of his own free will.Maybe they didn't want to know? Maybe they just hated Brad so much, that any excuse to debase and humiliate him would do. And as I watched Steve then position Brad on his hands and knees, kneeling behind him as he drove his cock savagely all the way up his anal passage, I tried to look away, tried to think of a way to get out of here.The sounds of Steve's fists connecting all over Brad's back as rode him, of Steve cursing him and smashing his knuckles into Brad's sides and neck, eventually made me turn back and watch. In my own way, I was made to watch Brad's humiliating shame, underage deepthroat and if that was the case, skinny underage mpeg then I needed to witness just how brutal and cruel my brother and his friends were.Finally Steve ejaculated deep inside Brad's bowels, and as Brad once again licked and sucked Steve limp cock and balls clean, he finally stood up on unsteady feet, teetering there for a moment.Immediately Noel came up to him and took Brad's chin in his hand."Time you showed your gratitude for getting real free men like us to fuck your worthless faggot-girl cunt! Also, I want you to show my bro here, just how you and that other hopeless slave over there clean up all the messes we make when we're finished! Now hurry up and get on with it!" Noel said firmly.For the second time only since I'd entered the room, I looked over at Justin as he hurriedly got up off his knees from between Trevor's legs and went and lay on top of my brother's bed.And as Noel, Trevor and Steve watched with muted amusement, Brad stood up unsteadily on the king-sized bed so he could step over and position his feet on both sides of Justin chest, facing his young brother's outstretched legs. Then squatting down all the way, balancing himself on his haunches, Brad lowered his just fucked and cum-filled arsehole onto his own younger brother's pursed underage art nudes lips and open mouth.As Justin lay there staring up at his older brother's widely spread buttocks, he slowly masturbated himself as he sucked and tongued out as much of Noel's, Trevor's and Steve's sperm from Brad's stretched and gaping red raw anus.Brad strained to stay balanced in this position, suddenly looked me straight in the eyes with a soul-wrenching stare of utter anguish as he reached down between his widely parted knees, gripped his huge erect penis in his large hand and commenced jerking himself as sensually as he could."Oh Daddy, thank you for letting me play with my little clitty, Daddy! Daddy, thank you for letting me show you how I like to masturbate myself and play with my little ovaries, thank you Daddy! Oh Daddy, I promise to squirt lots of little girly juices for you, Daddy! Daddy, oh it feels really good, thank you Daddy!" Brad said over and over again while at times changing his chants of degradation so they became far more humiliating and demeaning.Within 10 minutes, all the magnificent lean yet severely bruised muscles on Brad's body began to spasm intensely as he moaned in utter shame to the incredible sensations of Justin's hot moist tongue sliding in and out of his anus, while his clenched fisted hand slid furiously up and down his huge throbbing erection."Daddy, can I squirt my little girly juices for your pleasure, Daddy?" Brad grunted between clenched teeth, struggling not to cum too early as he continued to furiously jerk off, while at the same time trying to maintain his squatting position over his young brother's sucking mouth and probing tongue."Well, I underage children sexpics suppose it would be nice to see how much woman's juices a queer faggot slave girl like you can shoot when she's all sexed up and randy. Why not? Yeah, do it queer-girl! Show me and my friends what a fucking useless cunt you really are, but you better make sure you don't spill any of your slimy gunk on my sheets! Remember, none on my sheets or I'll have you beaten to a pulp for disobeying me!" Noel said in an amused voice, oblivious to Brad's struggles as he strained not to cum too early.Suddenly Brad let out a huge sigh as he arched his back, gasped and grunted loudly, and as he fisted his throbbing aching dick at a furious pace, he aimed his rampant cock as low as he could, and whimpering uncontrollably, shot huge wads of his virile juices all over the front of his brother's stomach and groin.Still gasping and moaning as he tried to steady his breathing, Brad finally squeezed the last of his powerfully explosive sperm from his long thick penis before immediately leaning forward to lick up the steaming puddles of own jism he'd galleries pedo underage ejaculated all over his brother.And once he'd underage nude links licked up and then swallowed all his sperm from Justin's body, Brad quickly took his younger brother's throbbing cock all the way to the back of his mouth, and proceeded to give Justin a slow leisurely blow job, just like Noel, Trevor and Steve demanded of him."See, that wasn't so bad, was it Evan?" Noel said to me as he watched Brad sucking off his youngest brother."Ah yes, and the big surprise I have for you is that when we're finished with the fucker, he'll be all yours. He's signed all the proper legal papers required stating he is now officially your property, your pleasure slave! But understand little brother... you won't be getting him until probably the end of next month. All our other friends still need time to come around, and by the sounds of it, they're all just dying to try out this piece of queer slave meat." He continued saying in a disdainful manner."In fact, just to show you what a nice guy I am, I'll even let you take Justin from here once faggot-girl here has sucked him off and then showed us how much his little brother can cum in his mouth. We don't want you bitching about us being completely heartless!" he finished.Within minutes Justin arched his back up and moaning softly, ejaculated into Brad's mouth, and once Brad had opened his mouth and shown everyone in the room how much of his younger brother's cum covered his tongue, I immediately grabbed up Justin off Noel's bed and raced him to the safety of my own bedroom. *****************************************************************4.1 Noel Morgan -- The Bitch Is Back(Compiled from the Confidential Testimonies of Noel Morgan)*****************************************************************I have to hand it to faggot-girl. The love he had for his underage young gallery brothers was all encompassing, all consuming, and I truly believe now there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for them. I actually felt a vague grudging respect for him, but I also had an even deeper hatred for him now as he tried to act like a fucking martyr for them as well.The violent display he exhibited at school when Trevor and Steve were having a little bit of fun with Evan's new slave just wasn't on. The fact that I had to be on hand goes to show you what a queer cunt he really was.But I knew at the time I raced after him up the corridor and slapped him hard across his underage cp videos face that he'd show up at my house that Friday afternoon. It was written in his baby blue eyes that he'd do anything to somehow protect his brothers and if this was the only way he could, well so be it.Of course, before he turned up, I'd given him instructions as to what to bring and how to dress. It was important kiddy underage cp that Trevor and Steve got to see him in his tightest fitting clothing. I wanted them to realise faggot-girl was nothing more than prime beef homo slave flesh, the best there was, but only after he'd admitted to them he was a fucking faggot, a raving queer, and then let us all use him to sate our lustful desires.So when he turned up, I was more than pleased to see him in his high school gym t-shirt and tight shorts, looking as if he'd just stepped out of some illegal queer porno flick. Not only that, in a duffle bag flung over his shoulder, he'd obediently packed a few pairs of his skimpiest waist tight Speedo briefs, all of his football gear and a clean and ironed set of his high school uniform.As I let him enter the front foyer of underage cunt pussy my family's large house, I stared him in the face, trying to imagine what he must have been thinking and feeling.To me, he was still very skittish, frightened to look anyone who came near him underage illegal extreme in the face. Except for the many video recordings I underage kds models had stashed away showing what he and his brothers had been forced to do, I couldn't even imagine what it must have been like for him in those homemade porn underage three uninterrupted weeks, locked up in a slave training centre, forced to suck all sizes of stiff dicks day in and day out, made to take hundreds of erect cocks up his faggot-pussy all the time and then humiliate himself with his own brothers, and punished severely for the smallest mistakes.Also, I wondered what he must have thought when he was finally released and returned to eating underage cum shots normal food. I mean, slave food which only consisted of soft gelatin pellets and grey porridge-like mush, and regardless of how nutritious and full of proteins and minerals it was, still looked and tasted like shit to me."You ready faggot" I asked him in a sneering voice."Please Noel, why are you doing this? Please just give me my brothers back. I promise we'll go away, you'll never see us ever again!" underagenudepussy he began pleading, and he even had tears welling up in his cute blue adorable eyes."Why? Because I can! Of course, I don't really need an excuse for everything I do, but I'll give you one, just because we're old buddies okay?" I laughed at him as he hung his head low, trying not to sniffle and weep."I just hate you. And I love fucking and dominating anything I hate. You just happen to be a low-life scumbag who came along at the right time when my friends and I were getting pretty bored. Not much to do here in this tiny burg, and very little excitement. So you come waltzing in, start acting all prim and proper as if you're one of us, play the big football hero and then decide to take me on. Well, aren't you the stupid fuckwit then!" I added, shaking my head in mock sympathy."And believe me, I'm actually enjoying this. I've always enjoyed taking down big tough guys who thought they were better than me. Fucking them up the arsehole and getting them to suck me off is just part of what I do to destroy them. Oh don't look so shocked! There have been a lot of others before you, but I must admit, you and your brothers are definitely the most attractive I've ever brought down.""Now why don't we adjourn to my underage models bikini bedroom where Trevor and Steve are waiting? They don't know you're here, so you'd better put on a great performing for us. I want you acting like the queer faggot you really are, and if you stuff this up, I'll make sure you never see your brother again. I'll make sure they end up suffering agonies you've only ever dreamt about in your wildest nightmares! Understand?" I said to him and then stepped forward so I could cup and squeeze the huge bulge in his gym short in the palm of my hand."Feels like you've gone all limp in the dick department, faggot-girl! Don't worry, because since you've still got that slave micro-chip in your spine, I'll make sure you maintain an erection all the time. In fact, just to show you there are no bad feelings between us, I'll set your slave pleasure level really high so whenever you're getting fucked, you'll absolutely love it." I stated as I squeezed and caressed his bulging crotch."But I'll still want you gagging whenever any of my friends fuck your mouth, so we'll leave that setting unchanged. Got to make it all look and sound realistic, don't we faggot-girl? Now, do you know what's expected of you?" I asked again, this time squeezing his large balls as hard as I could."Yes Noel! I'll do whatever you want! Please Noel!" he grunted in pain, gritting his teeth as he stood there suffering."Of course, if you do exactly what I want, and then sign the papers which will hand you over to my brother Evan as his personal pleasure slave, I promise I'll give them back to you. Straight away in fact! Now are you ready?" I said impatiently letting go of his nuts and gesturing for him to precede me.Like in the movies, I watched him as he lowered his head, his face bright red as he took a deep breathe, wiped the tears from his eyes, and moved ahead of me towards my bedroom."What the fuck's he doing here? That bastard nearly put me in hospital!" Steve shouted when he saw Brad from where he was sitting naked from the waist down, as Justin, my newest pleasure slave and Brad's youngest brother, kneeling naked between his parted legs, slowly but expertly sucked up and down the thick long length of Steve's fully erect penis.And Trevor, who'd been on his knees roughly fucking my other pleasure slave August up his arsehole, immediately pulled his cock out, rushed to a metal souvenir baseball bat I kept hanging over my mantelpiece, positioned himself ready to crack it over underage naked porno Brad's head as he entered."Don't worry guys! The cunts just come by to apologise for his rudeness the other day, and to tell us something he feels we all need to know straight away. Don't you Brad?" I said as I ushered him to stand in the middle of my bedroom, before locking the door after us.The look on faggot-girl's face as he saw his little brother blowing Steve was classic. For a moment I thought all bets were off and he'd start punching out at the three of us. But he pulled himself together, looked down at the floor between his feet and mumbled his agreement with me."I can't hear you Brad! You better speak up louder!" I growled in a low voice, my tone suggesting to him he better not fuck around."Yes Noel! Look guys, please forgive me, I'm really sorry for going off like that. I was jealous that I wasn't part of what you were doing, and couldn't help myself." faggot-girl said, his voice trembling as he stared blankly ahead at Trevor and Steve.Both Trevor and Steve looked back at him, blinking, not knowing how to react to this. They both hated Brad with a passion, and weren't at all sure what this was all about."Why you dressed like that? You look like a fucking fag, for fuck sake!" Steve said, still not accepting Brad's apology."Okay Brad! Tell them what you told me earlier. Best get it off your chest now!" I said firmly, stepping up in front of Brad so I could look into his eyes."Guys, I've got a confession to make. You see... I need to tell you... Well, I have to tell you that, well, I'm..." he said, unable to finish his sentence."What are you Brad? Come on, best you tell the guys what you are! You know you've wanted to for a long time!" I said, my voice betraying my growing anger as he continued to falter."Guys, I have to tell you that I'm gay. I'm a queer. Have been all my life and I've been really horny and wanted to pleasure all you guys ever since I first met you. I was hoping Noel would let me suck him off in front of you both. And then if he wouldn't mind, I'd really like it if he'd fuck me up my vagina!" he said, but this time his voice was a monotone drone, as if his heart wasn't in what he'd just said.At first I was livid. There was no way what he'd just said sounded convincing, but as I raised my arm to backhand him, Trevor suddenly piped up as he walked forward, his still hard dick bouncing from side to side as he came over."What's that you said? You're a fucking faggot! I knew it! I picked him secret underage pussy out ages ago, when russian underage cloud he first came to our school. A fucking fruit!" he laughed, but the look in his face was one of pure disgust and rage."Did he just ask to suck you off Noel? And didn't he just call his arsehole a vagina? And he wants to do this in front of us too! I can't believe it! Well, well, well! We got us a live fucking queer here! Is that right faggot?" Steve said as he pushed Justin's head roughly away from his leaking cock and came over to join Trevor and myself as we stared up into the faggot-girl's humiliated red face."Yes Steve, I'm a queer faggot and I'd really like it if you and Trevor and Noel would fuck my mouth and pussy real hard and discipline me by beating me up as well. Please Noel, let me service your big cock, and I promise I'll make you feel good!" faggot-girl said, his left eye twitching as he spoke in a soft humiliated voice.Suddenly Trevor and Steve were lashing out punches, smashing their fists all over faggot-girl's face and torso. In the background I could hear Justin sobbing and weeping softly as he watched what was happening to his big brother. Instantly I was on top of him, glaring into his face."You do what you're told, say nothing or I'll fucking kill you and your brother right now, understand?" I whispered sadistically into his ear. Shaking his head, he immediately assumed the slave position on his knees, looked down and stopped crying as I rejoined the guys.And there I stood, grinning widely as I watched faggot-girl fall heavily to his knees under the barrage and weight of punches Trevor and Steve were pounding into him.Just as quickly Trevor and Steve stopped beating on faggot-girl, and staring down into his now bruised and battered face."Well Noel! The fucking queer's on his knees, so why don't you make him beg you to suck your underage ru dick? I mean, if that's what he wants, I reckon there's no reason underaged model we can't have some fun underage pussy free before we call the cops in. What you say?" kds underage child Steve said breathlessly, as he landed one more savage punch to Brad's left eye."Yeah okay, why not? Hey faggot-girl, beg to suck my dick and while you're at it, you can call me Daddy from now on. Yeah, now you really do know who your Daddy is!" I laughed, slowly unzipping my pants and lowering them and my underwear past my knees."What you waiting for? Beg me, cunt, and make it sound good, and while you at it, you can jerk yourself off too. Prove to me you really want to suck on my dick, faggot!" I snarled, getting into the mood as I watched him immediately pull the front of his gym shorts down underaged naturists and start masturbating himself.Admittedly to my surprise and probably to his as well, his cock was fully erect when he released it from his shorts, and then I remembered the implanted micro-chip. As soon as I ordered him to jerk off, it had sent the appropriate signals that made his tits underage girls large penis stiffen in seconds."Fucking hell, Jeez, will you look at the size of that mutha?" Steve said in awe as faggot-girl started to masturbate himself in front of us."Well Noel! Here's the proof! No real guy would ever do this in front of another man! What a fucking queer! Just look at him jerking off and licking his lips while his ogling your meat Noel! For fucks sake, now that's real nasty!" Trevor said scornfully."Maybe so, but I get to fuck the faggot-girl who thought he was oh so high and mighty! Well, cunt, start begging to suck my cock! What are you waiting for? Or do we have to beat you some more?" I snarled, moving my cock up close to faggot-girl's face."Daddy, please let me suck your big cock, please Daddy! Daddy, please shove your huge dick in my mouth, please Daddy!" he answered instantly in a heart breaking frightened and humiliated voice.And as I stood there waiting, letting the faggot-girl beg me, and Trevor and Steve stood looking down at him in disgust, I couldn't help smile with anticipation."Okay then, faggot-girl! Lean forward and start licking my cock all over. No, keep jerking yourself and just use your mouth, tongue and lips to pleasure me. Always remember, faggot-girl, queers are never allowed to touch real men like us unless specifically ordered to." I commanded."That's it! Slobber all over it! Now keep looking up into my eyes and smile sweetly whenever you're giving me a blow job, regardless of whether my thick dick's stuffed all the way down your throat or just my fat knobs in the entrance of your mouth!" I sneered, and watched as he quickly followed my instructions.The look in the faggot-girl's eyes was one of total humiliation, of utter defeat and even a real desire to not offend me in any way. I had laid down the course of his future, punished him in a way that terrified him when I'd first had him enslaved, and then made him reveal himself as a queer faggot-girl in front sexunderageenforce of two of my best friends. Now I was enjoying the entire length of his long moist tongue lapping up and down my spasming uncircumcised fully erect penis."Kiss my hairy balls, faggot! That's it, get them all wet and dripping! Yeah, nice, real nice! Now take the whole length of my cock in your mouth and slide them cock sucking lips of yours up and down my dick shaft! Yeah, that's it! Easy now! Watch those teeth of yours! You wouldn't want me to have them all yanked out, would you faggot-girl?" I said teasingly, while breathing more underage model forums heavily as his hot mouth sucked firmly on my cock.After a few more minutes, and staring deeply into his blue eyes, I disengaged my bursting cock from his deep sucking mouth with a loud slurping pop."Let's change the pace a bit, faggot-girl! Now that you've got my cock all lubed up, wet and dripping, why don't you strip off your clothes, lie on your back, lift your legs up so you can grab your ankles and pull them up over your head?" I said hoarsely, wanting desperately to fuck his cherry now."Trevor, kneel down on one side of the faggot-girl's head, and Steve, you get on the other side. Now both of you take hold of his ankles and pull them wider apart. Make sure the queer keeps his legs stretched apart as far as possible at all times, so his vagina's gaping wide open and winking at me. That's it! Yeah, raise his butt higher off the ground so I take my time fucking him!""Now faggot-girl, it's time you acted like a horny little faggot! Reach round and pull your butt cheeks wide apart. Show me your girl-pussy, and start begging me to fuck you real hard!" I ordered as I knelt down at the base of his raised spread buttocks.At first he'd hesitated for a fraction of a second as it finally dawned on him this was bbs underage 15yo really happening. That his worse enemy was actually going to fuck him in front of two other guys from our high school.But as he saw the frown cross my forehead, he'd immediately lain down on his back, lifted his legs up past his head, and then watched red-faced as Trevor and Steve grabbed his ankles to pull his legs painfully apart so his buttocks lifted high off the floor.Then obediently faggot-girl reached round and pulled his butt cheeks as wide apart as he could, so I could see his tiny pink bunghole staring at me, he became begging me in an embarrassed and quivering voice to please fuck him."Oh Daddy, please fuck my pussy, please Daddy! Please free underage movie Daddy, please fuck me as hard as you can, oh please Daddy!" he crooned over and over again.There I knelt. Finally I was looking down upon that once underage bdsm untouchable, unseen entrance to the faggot whore's best kept secret. A place recently invaded by many other men and even visited by his two younger brothers. And now it was finally my turn. I couldn't help smiling as I steadied myself, ready to assault that which was now rightfully mine.As I watched him stare up into my lust-filled face, silently beseeching me with his sad frightened despairing blue eyes to not fuck him, to not rape him, I pushed the large flanged knob of my leaking cock against the puckered opening of his anus, feeling him instantly cringe in shame as I prepared for my violent entry.And even though faggot-girl's dick was really large and bigger than my own, there was no way anyone could call my erect cock small by comparison. I can proudly claim my cock, when fully erect, is about seven and a half inches long, and it's really thick. Maybe it isn't as thick as queer-girl's, but mine would be thick enough to make this little piggy squeal at the top of his lungs all the way to the bank.But I didn't just want to push my cock into him, listen to him scream for mercy, blow my load and then that was the end to it. No, I wanted to ram my hard dick up his pussy, make him scream in ecstasy, and watch him respond against his will as I slowly fucked him, unable to stop himself squirming in absolute pleasure. I wanted his body betraying him completely, making him forever doubt he was ever a real straight guy.I wanted Trevor and Steve watching him as he begged for more, his buttocks gyrating and bucking up to meet my stabbing penis as his responsive arsehole tried hungrily to get all of my long hard underaged schoolgirl cock into him."Pleasure level 3, proceed" underage boys erections I commanded in a soft whispered but firm voice that only faggot-girl could hear, while at the same time viciously slamming my hips down, shoving the full length of my erect penis all the way up his anal passage.The look on his face was glorious.At first he's blue eyes bulged out of their sockets, and his mouth opened wide in a silent scream as the air from his lungs gushed out. I could see his humiliated pleading eyes reflecting the excruciating agony of his anus suddenly and viciously stretched wide open to accommodate the huge girth of my erection as I plunged it underage fuck pictures all the way in, in one brutal shove.But within seconds, as the micro-chip in his spine clicked into gear and instantly sent coded messages to his hypothalamus to release thousands of peptides and proteins into his blood stream, I marveled at how his painfully stretched anus didn't split or tear apart as I'd expected.Instead it expanded itself, moved upwards around my thrusting dick as it tightened and tried to pull the full length of my erect penis all the way into his anal cavity.And at the same time, fag-girl's face suddenly contorted from that of indescribable agony of being anally raped, into a mask of absolute wonder as waves of pure orgasmic pleasure lashed his huge muscular bunched up body.Again the muscles of underage forum sexy his anus started to expand and contract, undulating, vibrating intensely and squeezing tightly around my thick thrusting dick shaft as I underage glory hole drew out quickly and plunged back into him.It was all that was needed to get me fucking him at a pace that nearly pounded him into the floor beneath us. As I picked up the pace and started fucking him furiously, he continued to stare up into my face in complete shame and unadulterated lust as his body responded to my brutality, and against his will, he began humping back upwards to meet my frantic fucking rhythm with his own."You're a real faggot-girl now... See, you're not even a real man. Real men don't get fucked up the arsehole and like it. I can see it in your face, cunt! I can tell you really do love getting fucked up your vagina!" I japanes underage puffed and huffed."Now you're nothing but a queer bottom girl for me to fuck whenever I feel like it, and I'm going to be doing this to you a lot, or until I get bored of you. And then all my friends are going to fuck you as much as they like. So, like the obvious whorish faggot girl you really are, why don't you start thanking me for making you feel so good?" I spat down into his face contemptuously, my teeth gritted, my breathing laboured as I fucked him as hard as I could.It was beautiful. The faggot-girl was so tight at times, yet entry into his quivering vagina was so smooth and firm. The whole silky inner lining of his hot anal passage rippled and squeezed! His anus secreted natural anal oils that instantly lubricated my slamming cock as I pounded deep up into him. It was an incredibly tight sheaf that massaged and caressed my thrusting pounding erect penis every time I rammed it in and out of him.And the best thing was, as he begged me to fuck him even harder underaged asian porn and deeper, he and I both knew there wasn't a damned thing faggot-girl could do about it.What can I say? My balls suddenly detonated and fired, my cock exploded and I floated on a cloud of exquisite orgasmic bliss that left me feeling exhausted. It was the best fuck I'd had in a long time, and as I pulled my dick out of his girl-cunt, I couldn't help but notice fag-girl had cum all over his chest and neck three times as I'd been riding him. Huge amounts of his own ball juices coating and slicking his upper body. And in complete and utter shame, all he could do was stare up at me and then at the mess he'd made in absolute silence."See faggot-girl, this proves you're a queer-girl. Not only did you love getting fucked up your pussy, but you also came three times all over yourself without once touching your fat leaking clit. Now stay there, and don't move! Trevor, if you want to take a turn, the queers all yours!" I said gleefully, and slumping back in one of my armchairs, I looked down at where I'd only seconds before speared the faggot-girl's tight little poop-chute, filling it with my sperm to permanently turn him into my own personal faggot-girl bitch.As I stared at his now quivering gaping anus as it leaked out trickles of my cum, Trevor immediately took my place, but put both of faggot-girl's legs over his shoulders before laying the full weight of his large hairy body on top of faggot-girl.It was a beautiful thing to see. Trevor penetrating the faggot-girl over and over again, as the queer lay there on his back, thanking his fucker at the top of his girly voice."Daddy, thank you for fucking me real hard Daddy! Daddy, it feels really good you fucking and stretching my vagina so wide open, oh thank you Daddy!" faggot-girl repeated over and over again as Trevor fucked him senseless.The look of pure evil lust and orgasmic bliss plastered on Trevor's face as he took sex model underage his time, drilling his erect dick deeply and then pulling it out all the way before slamming it back in to his thickly haired pubic base was marvelous.But like all good things, Trevor found himself unable to contain his growing explosive orgasm. Suddenly he began shuddering all over and instantly shot his spunk deep up the faggot-girl's twat. And as Trevor giggled uncontrollably while pulling his slime covered cock out of faggot-girl pussy, Steve suddenly pushed him out of the way and dived on top of faggot-girl, pile-driving his thick leakin